The Solarium training course and the Solarium Exam are now available in English.

The Solarium Exam is mandatory, while the training course is optional, but we highly recommend that you complete the training course first, as it covers all of the topics dealt with in the test. More information about who must pass the test can be found on www.dsa.no, the website of the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA). The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) changed name to the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) on the 1st of January 2019.

The Solarium training course

The training course is an e-learning course, with an estimated studying time of about five hours. The candidate will have access to the course for one year after registration. It is also possible to purchase the training course in the form of a paper compendium; please contact Norsk Test (post@norsktest.no) if you prefer this option.

The Solarium Exam

The Solarium Exam is mandatory for those comprised by the requirement in the Radiation Protection Regulations, Section 38, and consists of 35 multiple choice questions which must be answered within 45 minutes. The test must be taken at one of Norsk Test’s test centres in Norway (List of test centres: https://www.solarieprøven.no/testsenterliste/) or as an online test on a home or office computer (Mac or PC), under the surveillance of Norsk Test by using webcam, sound and split screen.

When you have passed the test, you will receive a certificate of passed exam, which may be worn at work, and which is valid for five years. After that, you must re-take the test.

Registration and payment

Registration and payment for the e-learning course and test to be conducted at a test centre, must be done by clicking one of the boxes to the right on the front page (The boxes saying “Kun opplæring”, “Kun prøve”, “Opplæring + prøve”). Unfortunately, the registration and payment process descriptions are only available in Norwegian, so we recommend that you ask someone for help with this process if do not understand the Norwegian text. After registration, you can log in and add personal details like address etc, and you must also upload a photograph of yourself, which will be printed on the certificate you receive after the test is passed.

Please note that it need not be the candidate him-/herself who performs the registration or payment, but the candidate’s mobile phone number must be registered due to the fact that the user name and password, for log in to both the training course and the test, will be sent to the candidate’s mobile phone. The candidate must bring along his/her user name and password to the test centre on the day of testing.

The candidate must contact a test centre to arrange for a test.

Online testing

If you wish to conduct the Solarium Exam as an online test, as described above, instead of conducting it at a test centre, you must contact Norsk Test on e-mail post@norsktest.no for registration and further instructions.

If you have any questions regarding registration, payment, test execution, nearest test centre, issue of the certificate or similar, please contact Norsk Test (post@norsktest.no, phone 78 97 35 00)